If I buy a font will I need to pay more in the future?

So long as you purchase the correct license, no. For example, if you purchase one of our fonts with a standard Desktop License then you have permission to install the font on two computers simultaneously. However in the future if you needed to have the font installed on more than two computers at the same time then you'd need to purchase an additional license. But so long as you stick to the restrictions of the license you've purchased, no matter how big or profitable your business may become you don't need to pay us anymore!

Do you offer any discounts?

When buying both Web and Desktop versions of a single font or font pack we offer a 50% discount on the Web version, this is automatic! So just add both to your cart and you'll get the 50% off Web.

Can I use your fonts in physical items which I then sell?

Yes! T-shirts, mugs, posters any many more items have been created and sold using our fonts.

Can I sell individual physical letters or numbers from your fonts?

Yes! For example creating an alphabet of fridge magnets is fine!

Can I use your fonts on digital items which I then sell?

Yes you may but with two conditions, firstly make sure you have the correct license, secondly you may not effectively resell our fonts in an editable form. This means that whatever you sell may not contain a copy or even a subset of our fonts characters which the end user can edit.

Can I use your fonts in my software?

Yes, checkout our App Licenses.

Can I use your fonts on my website?

Yes, if you'd like to create graphics and then upload them to your website as part of your websites design (or simply just your logo) then you need a Desktop License.

If you'd like to use CSS Font Replacement to replace the text on your website then you need a Web License.

What different Licenses do you have available?

We have Licenses for Desktop, Web, App, Broadcast and eBook.

Will your fonts work in my software?

Most modern software easily handles third party fonts like ours! However occasionally due to reasons of incompatability between software and operating systems some applications have problems with some custom fonts, this is for the most part however very rare! If you're not sure we recommend you use google or your search engine of choice to check if your software supports third party software e.g. "Does photoshop support third party fonts?".

Can I purchase a font for a client or third party?

Yes, during checkout when you're entering in your address information you'll find an additional field called "End User Name". This field will appear on your receipt as "Licensee" and is your (and your clients) permanent record of purchase.