FOREVER 7eventy

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Forever 7eventy
The 70s fashion is coming back , with its hippy style, a little bohemien, platform heels, so confortable, clogs, burnt colors, black, those never excessive studs, an exuberant look, but without exaggerating.
The font Forever Seventy comes from this vision, and it makes you feel like music and's a retro fantasy that inspires cheerfulness and zest for life, these are the feelings instilled in those who look at it...
It copies and recreates the grooves in vinyl records and it takes you on a musical trip through the years when disco music was born.
It is more up-to-date thanks to a modern interpretation created by not always consecutive lines, which are broken...blurred, which makes this font bold and up-to-date.
Use it now!!
Make your posters, business cards, t-shirt prints and everything you want to decorate sparkling, with the unmistakable sound of a disco party!

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