Nadine brush

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Desktop & Webfont
Save 50% on the webfont when you buy it with the desktop license.
To simply use the font in applications on your own computer.
To use the font on a website using @font-face CSS. This version cannot be installed on your PC/MAC!
For server based applications used by remote users.
Allows you to embed the font on iOS, Android, or Windows RT Apps.
Lets you use the font in an eBook type publication.
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A gift is always well-accepted.....and if the present it's a brush-tip marker what else can you do than try to create a new font?
The stroke is irregular, rough, with a personal allure.
For someone who wants to experiment new fonts, Nadine is waiting you to create illustrations with a handcrafted final look.
You can use Nadine for logos, prints, posters, etc. and will give to your creations a unique and amazing appearance..

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