Desktop License

Our popular general purpose Desktop License is ideal if you need to create graphics in software packages like Photoshop or Microsoft Word. Popular uses for this license include tattoo, company logo's, greeting cards, art projects and company signage, any time you need to create a graphic using our font the Desktop License is the one for you.

Our basic Desktop License comes with the ability to install your purchased font on "2 Computers", if you need a license for a greater number of computers then additional license options are found on the cart page once you've added your font "To the Cart".

Web License

If you need to replace the text on your website with CSS Font Replacement then the Web License if for you. Please note that you cannot install this version on your computer it only works on websites. If you need to create graphics and then upload them to your website then  you need the Desktop License, if you want to do both CSS Font replacement and create graphics in applications like photoshop then we offer a 50% discount on the Web License when it's purchase with the Desktop License at the same time!

Our basic Web License allows you to use the font on a website with up to 10,000 monthly pageviews, but like the Desktop License if you need more then you can choose a larger license once you've added the font to our cart!

Broadcast License

The Broadcast License is perfect if you're planning on creating any kind of broadcast media. If you need one of our fonts for an AD, your TV show or a Movie you're working on whether it'll be shown online or in the Cinema, Broadcast is the license you need.

eBook License

Working on the next hit eBook? Our eBook license lets you use our sensational fonts in your new book!

App License

Need to embed our font in your Windows or Mac Application? Working on an Android or iPhone app? Then the App License is for you.